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Our workouts will demand the whole body. So we have highlighted the level of difficulty before you start, so you can easily find the right plan that suits your goals and ability. Most importantly our workouts are fun, effective, safe and will always keep you motivated. PowerWave is about becoming the best version of you, so that you can "Live Life Better!"

Introducing powerwave 2.0

1700 plus exercises in a portable training bag.

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Thermo Gel Reactor

A dual thermo gel designed to aid the maintenance of your body temperature reducing potential strain on your muscles.

Bio -Shock Armour

A soft shell armour embedded into the bag to help absorb impact and enhance comfortability when working out.

Balanced KeyStone

Where 70% of the weight of the bag is located. Generates greater centrifugal force during your workout. The fitter you become the more it will make you work!

Multiple Handles

Multi-grip means over 1700 different exercise possibilities. Increase or decrease the intensity of any exercise just by changing your grip to be closer or further from the keystone.

This is not your average sandbag – the PowerWave has unique features built in to help you maintain proper body alignment as you maximise caloric expenditure. The PowerWave also has key features like a bio shock armour, enhanced grips and a thermo gel neck padding to help absorb and maintain body heat, reducing your cool down rate to enhance your performance.


Track Your Lifestyle Habits

PowerWave is a complete lifestyle transformation. Whether you are new to fitness or an avid trainer PowerWave is suitable for all fitness levels and ages. Train from home, work, on holiday or even mid transport! (Yes people have worked out with the PowerWave on a plane.) With constant updates of workouts each week both live and OnDemand, we know our all in one solution will keep you motivated.


Nutrition Guides & Life Coaching

Our resident Life Coach Eddie Hypolite heads his own personal and professional development consultancy focused on creating value centred resilience for living and leadership within your day to day life. Eddie regularly releases videos covering all aspects on self development on the PowerWave app and has a best selling book now available to purchase online.


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